Insight into TÜV Rheinland Strategies


Leading in quality test and certification under international standards

Bangkok, Thailand, March 10, 2023. TÜV Rheinland Thailand was exhibited for the first time in Bangkok where its services, product testing standards, and work systems were recommended. These standards and systems are able to create reliability for many consumer products and have been improved to be more acceptable through the quality test from TÜV Rheinland. Mr Michael Weppler, Executive Vice President, Global Sale, Marketing & Communications, Mr Frank Mager, Vice President, Sale Mobility, and Ms Patcharawan Itthisatthakul, Vice President, Automotive Sale – Asia Pacific, India, jointly shared their information.  

Insight into TÜV Rheinland Strategies

TÜV Rheinland provides product testing, inspection, and certification services and has been operating for more than 150 years. The company was established during the industrial revolution in Germany with continuous growth in pressure boiler testing services in industrial systems. Its business has been expanded to areas with good industrial and economic base expansion in various countries around the world to support its customers who want to test and certify the quality of their products under good standards and timely services.

Insight into TÜV Rheinland Strategies

TÜV Rheinland Thailand was established in 1991 with comprehensive services that meet the needs of its customers in various industries, such as automotive parts, air-conditioners, textiles, and products for children, including quality testing services for consumer products, packages, and transportation services.

As for the growth in the country, according to the executives, Thailand is a country with a large export base where investments in the products need to be tested to meet the product quality standards of the exporting partner country.

TÜV Rheinland meets the service needs with testing rooms, modern equipment, and teams who specialize in the certification standards of many countries around the world with a comprehensive range of main services, including:

Insight into TÜV Rheinland Strategies

Mobility - provides testing, inspection, and certification services in the automotive industry; 
Electrical - provides electrical testing services; 
Softlines - provides a wide range of product testing services, including both chemical and physical tests; 
Hardlines - provides product inspection services in terms of quality, safety, and manufacturing and transporting processes; 
Certification of Management Systems - provides analysis and assessment services for organizational management systems; and 
Government Inspection & International Trade - provides government product inspection and international trade services. 

Insight into TÜV Rheinland Strategies

Regarding the cooperation with the government, TÜV Rheinland has signed a MOU to help support the training of governmental personnel to gain standardized testing knowledge, jointly propose guidelines, and provide globally accepted information by experts as a guideline for establishing standards of domestic industries and products. 

The strengths of TÜV Rheinland Thailand are its comprehensive services, standardized and modern laboratories with a network of labs from the globally active TÜV Rheinland group, which can fully support customers in Thailand. Therefore, having a parent company that has been providing services for more than 150 years, along with services that have been improved continually and for a long time, is one of the things that make it difficult for others to imitate us. 

The key market share of TÜV Rheinland in the country is its automotive group, with an average market share of 70-80%, such as 80% for air conditioners. This high market share is due to the fact that the organization has engineers whose specialized certifications are unrivalled in the country, making it one of the strengths that can meet the needs of its customers. 

In this year, the organization has clearly set strategies and targets. In Thailand, the target is set at 320 million baht, the executives said.

Insight into TÜV Rheinland Strategies

In addition to perfect services, TÜV Rheinland is committed to building the organization that focuses on sustainability as its top priority. It has operated its business in tandem with environmental sustainability for a long time, along with the vision of the organization both globally and in Thailand that focuses on individuality and trust as the core for us to work hard to earn the trust of our customers. This is regarded as the foundation that makes TÜV Rheinland stable and able to operate its business strongly.

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