FRIDAY, March 01, 2024

Sizzler ready to serve up steak, salad treat for tourists in Koh Samui

Sizzler ready to serve up steak, salad treat for tourists in Koh Samui

Sizzler's signature premium steak and fresh salad bars will soon be ready to greet tourists on Koh Samui, one of Thailand's most popular destinations, general manager Anirut David Collins said on Wednesday.

The expansion is part of the company's plan to open three new branches in the country this year.

The branch will be opened in December.

He described the new Sizzler's branch in Koh Samui as the group's new "Steak Lab" concept. It intends to function as an experimental lab for its master chefs to test new premium steak menus.

The venue will serve over 20 unique signature cocktails and mocktails that will only be available there.

"Experimental menus at Koh Samui that receive a great feedback would certainly be distributed at other Sizzler branches nationwide," he said, adding that this new branch would also serve as a new model for the group to focus on serving foreign tourists.

He explained that, in general, 80 per cent of Sizzler branches rely on local customers, even in tourist areas such as Pattaya and Phuket.

He anticipated that the new Sizzler branch on Koh Samui would be the first of the group, with tourists accounting for half of the customers.

Unlike other Sizzler branches that have been renovated to be more modern with light and space, this branch would be decorated to be a true steak house with an atmosphere suitable for casual parties, he said.

Anirut David Collins

As the country's tourism industry quickly returns to normal after the pandemic and shows promising signs of growth, he is confident that the first Sizzler branch on Koh Samui will be a huge success.

The expansion comes on the back of a strong performance by the restaurant over the last 10 months, with a double growth in brand awareness, loyalty members, and beef steak sales.

Speaking of the business plan for the next year, he said that the group would maintain the concept of serving fresh, premium and quality steak and salads while rolling out more value privileges to draw more loyalty members.

Sizzler ready to serve up steak, salad treat for tourists in Koh Samui

Sizzler currently has around 500,000 members.

Anirut added that the company intends to open three new branches by the end of 2024 and renovate 5-6 more.

"We will set our strong foothold to become Thailand's leader in western casual dining experience," he said.

Meanwhile, the group intends to raise brand awareness through various social media platforms in order to connect the brand with the younger generation.

"Sizzler expects to accomplish our targeted growth in business results this year. Looking ahead to 2024, the company is still committed to delivering freshness, premium offerings, and quality by introducing new steak menus and salad bars. We intend to implement loyalty programmes that will provide special benefits to customers at all membership levels. We will be expanding our presence across the country by opening new branches in department stores and key cities, with the goal of providing consumers with an even more exclusive dining experience," he said.

Sizzler ready to serve up steak, salad treat for tourists in Koh Samui

Sizzler Thailand is a Western-style steak, seafood, and salad restaurant with branches worldwide under the Minor Food Group. "Sizzler" was first introduced in Thailand at Fifty Fifth Plaza on Sukhumvit 55 in 1992 — but now closed — and the group would soon have 63 branches by the end of this year.