Google, Microsoft and Tesla not after electricity price cuts: govt


Government spokesman Chai Watcharong on Thursday (November 30) clarified news reports that have distorted the truth by suggesting that Google, Microsoft, and Tesla wanted the government to reduce electricity prices before deciding to invest in Thailand.

He explained that the three US giants are seeking clean energy and green electricity not price cuts.

According to the government spokesperson, none of these three companies has ever engaged in talks to lower electricity costs. The most crucial condition they demand is that the countries they invest in must have sufficient clean or green energy for production.

Climate change and global warming are significant concerns for major investors. The Thai government has demonstrated its sincerity in promoting clean energy through projects such as floating solar cells across the country's reservoirs, which are collectively capable of generating more than 10,000 megawatts Additionally, there are plans to purchase hydropower from Laos, totalling 400 megawatts.

The Thai government has several initiatives related to environmental conservation, a global challenge that concerns the government and to which priority is being given. This aligns with the working principles of major global companies.

“The government's strategies are contemporary, globalised, and responsive to the current trends and needs of the world. This is evident in the significant interest being shown by many companies to invest in Thailand. The government is ready to support investments from major global corporations to stimulate the country’s economy and improve the lives of all Thai people,” Chai said.