Titan Group-Tantai' secures top spots, earns 30M+ baht in crypto contest


'Titan Group-Tantai' took first and second place in the cryptocurrency trading competition “Exclusive Asia Trading Competition” on the global trading platform OKX, beating more than 4,000 participants from across Asia, generating a total profit of over 30 million baht.

OKX, a leading global digital asset exchange with 20 million users from more than 100 countries worldwide, organized the cryptocurrency trading competition “Exclusive Asia Trading Competition” from January 6 to 30, 2024.

The event offered a top prize of up to 200,000 USDT, or approximately 7,000,000 baht. More than 4,000 registered participants from countries across Asia, including Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and other East Asian countries (excluding mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Mongolia, North Korea, and Japan), have successfully qualified for the trading competition.

For the "Individual Profit Amount" category, the first winner is "TITANGROUP" with a profit of 704,044 USDT, or approximately 24,993,562 baht. The second winner is "TANTAI.TITAN" with a profit of 154,387 USDT, or approximately 5,480,738 baht. Both winners generated a total profit of 858,431 USDT, or approximately 30,474,300 baht.

Titan Group-Tantai\' secures top spots, earns 30M+ baht in crypto contest

Tantai Narongkoon, the chief executive officer of Titan Capital Group Holding Co., Ltd, revealed, “During the trading competition, the price of Bitcoin experienced significant volatility. After a few days into the competition, the price of Bitcoin reached a new high of $48,900, which was the highest level in nearly two years in anticipation of the approval of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). However, after Bitcoin ETFs were approved, the price of Bitcoin immediately dropped to a low of around $38,500 within 1-2 days before surging back to a range of $42,000-$43,000. During the competition, if traders had made incorrect trading plans, they could have missed out on achieving a top rank. Even those who were initially leading in the competition could have fallen out of the top ranks. According to my anticipation, I noticed that when the market was bullish, there were always reasons behind it. The individuals who knew it first could seize the opportunities to make a profit before others. This helped me secure a win in this trading competition, which is my fourth win in the trading competition awarding a winner with the highest profit on the OKX trading platform.”