SUNDAY, March 03, 2024

Thai stocks buck expectations to gain ground

Thai stocks buck expectations to gain ground

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Index closed at 1,568.58 on Tuesday, up 16.73 points or 1.08 per cent. Total transactions amounted to THB88.95 billion with an index high of 1,572.03 and a low of 1,560.13.

In the morning session, Krungsri Securities expected the day's index to fluctuate between 1,545 and 1,560 points amid hopes of economic recovery as countries launch mass vaccination.

It added that energy and petrochemical shares had gained positive sentiment from the rising oil price.

However, the outflow of foreign funds and uncertainty over the MSCI's move to reduce investment in Thai shares by 0.1 per cent on May 27 would pressure the index, Krungsri Securities said.

The 10 stocks with the highest trade value today were KBANK, PTTGC, DELTA, KTC, SCGP, SAWAD, SCB, KCE, PTT and BBL.

Other Asian indices were on the rise:

Japan's Nikkei Index closed at 28,553.98, up 189.37 points or 0.67 per cent.

China's Shanghai SE Composite Index closed at 3,581.34, up 84.06 points or 2.40 per cent, while the Shenzhen SE Component Index closed at 14,846.45, up 339.85 points or 2.34 per cent.

Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index closed at 28,910.86, up 498.60 points or 1.75 per cent.

South Korea's KOSPI closed at 3,171.32, up 27.02 points or 0.86 per cent.

Taiwan's TAIEX Index closed at 16,595.67, up 257.38 points or 1.58 per cent.