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WEDNESDAY, March 29, 2023
3 trends shaping Thailand’s new condos and housing projects

3 trends shaping Thailand’s new condos and housing projects

MONDAY, December 26, 2022

New real estate projects must address people’s rising concern over energy prices, the environment, and health issues, a leading property advisory firm cautioned on Monday.

Lumpini Wisdom and Solution Co Ltd, the research arm of SET-listed property developer LPN, said developers need to incorporate energy-saving, eco and health standards in their new housing and condo projects if they want to attract the new generation of buyers.

Praphansak Rakchaiwan, CEO of Lumpini Wisdom, said prospective buyers are increasingly focused on these three standards amid the pandemic and energy price crisis.

LPN expects to see more housing and condo projects adopt energy-saving features, including so-called passive designs to reduce cooling and lighting needs.

The trend for solar-cell panels and construction materials that help cool buildings and save on electricity for air-conditioners will also rise, it said. New projects will come with charging points for electric vehicles, as well as energy monitors to check real-time electricity cost and usage, Praphansak said.

To reduce environmental impacts, real estate developers will turn to eco-friendly and recyclable construction materials and seek to cut their carbon emissions, he added.

A survey by Bangkok’s Baramizi Lab, which researches future trends, found that 85.2% of Thais prefer natural and environment-friendly designs, so developers should increase green areas in their projects, Praphansak said.

And Covid-19 prompted has heightened health concerns among buyers, meaning developers must add facilities that promote healthy living, including furniture and decor, he said.