EV board changes gear to promote the use of electric vehicles


The government is working on measures to promote the use of electric vehicles (EV), Energy Minister Supattanapong Punmeechaow said after the EV board meeting on Friday.

The government's EV incentive campaign had led to bookings for 17,068 electric cars and motorcycles, he said.

Thailand currently has 869 EV charging stations with 2,572 chargers. The EV board is looking at rapidly increasing the number of charging stations nationwide.

“The EV board is ready to promote Thailand as an EV production base, as well as boost the confidence among EV users," he said.

He said the board has tasked the Industry Ministry with proposing guidelines to promote the use of EVs as public vehicles, starting with EV tuk-tuk.

He added that related agencies had been appointed to publicise setting up EV charging stations in condominiums and residences.

Supattanapong explained that the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority, the Provincial Electricity Authority, PTT Oil and Retail Business, and Energy Absolute had launched an application to help EV users find charging stations.

He said the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has approved the use of a second electricity meter in residences to promote the use of EVs, adding that the ERC is preparing proposals and announcements related to EV-charging stations, such as electricity price at 2.9162 baht per unit.

EV board changes gear to promote the use of electric vehicles

He explained that the Thai Industrial Standards Institute has set up 123 standards related to EV components, such as battery, charger and inverter.

He added that the EV board has told the Excise Department to consider guidelines to support manufacture of batteries in Thailand.

"In addition, the board has also told related agencies to publicise EV-related measures in October in a bid to gain the confidence of the people," he added.