FRIDAY, April 19, 2024

Thai innovation UNC Calcium won the gold medal in Germany

Thai innovation UNC Calcium won the gold medal in Germany

Thai brands have recently won the hearts of the world. The Thai innovation from Yoo Fish Ball Yoawarat was the gold medal winner in world-class inventions on the environment in Germany

Keyoon Choklumlert, an executive chairman of Yoo Fishball Co Ltd and founder of UNC Natural dietary supplement, said that it was an honour to represent Thailand, and able to bring innovative "products" UNC Calcium (UNC Calcium 100% from natural extract) was used medically and the body absorbs better than other forms of calcium. 

It is the product that has received the first prize for innovation for the environment and consumer safety (World Competition of Green Invention Award).

The "product" is a natural production process by bringing waste materials from marine fish processing to add value and develop into medical innovations. 

To prevent and rehabilitate osteoporosis. It can strengthen and repair damaged bones and teeth. 

According to the research, it can increase bone cells which effectively helps to inhibit and reduce bone pain.

It helps bone mass to be denser and adds moisture to bone mass to make it easier to move while it does not affect the digestion process or cause flatulence or constipation like other forms of calcium.

Chulalongkorn University confirms that UNC calcium can stimulate the growth of bone stem cells and is non-toxic to cells after long-term exposure to UNC calcium. 

Keyoon explained further that this success comes from the support from the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the National Innovation Agency (NIA) and the National Research Agency (NRCT), for providing research funds for continuous development over the past 5 years for medical use.  

As a result, the products have received 27 prestigious gold medals both domestically and internationally. UNC Calcium Plus products received the National Innovation Award in 2020.

It is also a green business BCG (Bio Circular Green Economy) for the world of consumer safety and the environment.