Microsoft promotes the benefits of artificial intelligence


In Thailand as indeed in the rest of the world, the workforce is becoming increasingly worried about being replaced by artificial intelligence.

However, according to Microsoft’s data, an impressive 86% of workers in Thailand are willing to let AI take over their tasks. That’s considerably higher than the 66% who said they feared losing their jobs.

Microsoft promotes the benefits of artificial intelligence

Earlier this year, Microsoft launched Microsoft 365 Copilot, leveraging AI capabilities to enhance its popular applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and more, and recently announced plans to expand the use of Microsoft 365 Copilot globally, including in Thailand.

It also recently released its Work Trend Index 2023, which highlights the expected changes in the AI-driven work landscape and makes it clear that AI need not be negative.

Supanee Anuwongworavet, Chief Marketing and Operations Officer at Microsoft Thailand

This is confirmed by Supanee Anuwongworavet, Chief Marketing and Operations Officer at Microsoft Thailand, who says the arrival of AI has necessitated changes in various aspects of work.

The shift from general automation systems to intelligent assistants allows employees to break free from "Digital Debt," which refers to the burden of constant email, chat, and meeting interactions that hinder innovation and creativity, thus reducing work-related stress,

The Work Trend Index 2023, highlights three key insights for business leaders to effectively understand and utilise AI in their organisations:

1. Digital Debt: Microsoft recognises that employees are overwhelmed with digital responsibilities, such as managing data, emails, and chat conversations. Integrating AI presents an opportunity to improve communication efficiency, as minimising digital debt allows employees to dedicate more time to innovative and creative tasks. Data from Microsoft 365 indicates that, on average, employees spend 57% of their time on communication and coordination and only 43% on creating new work. Inefficient meetings are identified as the top obstacle to productivity.

2. AI as a Trusted Ally: Microsoft acknowledges that employees value AI as a means to share their workload rather than fear job displacement. Most executives intend to support employees by utilising AI to improve their performance rather than replacing them.

3. Empowering All Workforces with AI: Microsoft aims to make AI accessible and beneficial across all departments. The report indicates that a significant number of executives are interested in utilising AI to enhance workplace productivity. However, it is crucial to provide the necessary training and upskilling opportunities to enable employees to adapt to the changing work environment.