With 3.9 billion monthly views, Voom is booming in Thailand


LINE’s short-video content service, Voom, has signed up more than 35 million monthly users in Thailand and they are so enthusiastic about the service it is getting 3.9 billion views a month, according to the head of LINE Voom, Philip Kim.

Philip Kim, Head of LINE Voom.

He put the service’s popularity in Thailand down to its real-time content and diverse user base.

The service allows users to create both static images and short videos. “It provides user-friendly tools for creating informative and entertaining content [that is] easy to share,” Kim said.

“Voom's monthly content views reach an impressive 3.9 billion [in Thailand], with an average of 500,000 content pieces created daily,” he said.

Voom’s users come from every province and comprise a diverse range of age groups, lifestyles, cultures, and residential areas, but its main user groups are in their 30s or 50 years of age and older.

Kim said the high number of users and views reflect the unique appeal of Voom, adding that other video-content services typically cater to younger residents of cities.

Popular content categories on the service include product reviews, content for seniors, lifestyle, entertainment, and news.

Voom users tend to create content that is more reflective of real life without embellishments, Kim said, explaining that this allows them to express their identities more effectively.

Voom launched the campaign "Born to Be Local" because it is highly responsive to its users’ interests in local customs and traditions, Kim said. The campaign encourages users to present the culture, customs, food, and uniqueness of each region to a nationwide audience.

More than 62% of its participants are from outside of Bangkok, and more than 60% of the content they produce focusses on local travel.

Kim said Voom is also being used by brands and businesses to reach a diverse audience, and that the service’s diverse user base is what makes it unique.

"In addition to high-quality content and reaching a substantial user base, LINE focusses on providing a safe space for users, including viewers, creators, and even brands using LINE Voom as a marketing channel,” he said.

Voom has implemented robust content monitoring systems, including automated filtering technology, user complaints, and a team of experts to ensure inappropriate content is swiftly detected," Kim said.