DES works with Big Data Institute to promote use of big data and AI


The Digital Economy and Society (DES) Ministry has been working with the Big Data Institute (BDI) to promote the use of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) in Thailand to boost the country’s economy in the digital age, DES minister Prasert Chantararuangthong reported on Wednesday.

He said the collaboration will help speed up the development of data integration platforms and technology, AI innovations, as well as training of skilled personnel to maximise the potential of key industries that are the foundation of the Thai economy.

“Our aim is that within the next year, there will be a complete integration of data among government and private sectors, generating an economic impact worth over 3 billion baht, and creating new jobs in the big data sector worth over 200 million baht,” he said.

DES works with Big Data Institute to promote use of big data and AI

He explained that BDI is a public organisation established to drive the application of big data across several agencies and industries, with the focus on minimising a silo working culture among government agencies and promoting the use of big data in improving people’s quality of life and society’s sustainability.

Prasert added that BDI has played a monumental role in helping the ministry implement its main policy of developing the Thai Large Language Model (ThaiLLM), an infrastructure for Thai-language AI.

DES works with Big Data Institute to promote use of big data and AI

Associate Professor Tiranee Achalakul, director of BDI, said: “The uniqueness of our organisation is that it is a gathering of over 100 new generation individuals who are proactive, flexible, ready to learn, and share a common goal of developing the country’s competitive advantage in big data. This development will drive Thailand to become a data-driven nation, capable of tangible reforms in key aspects that ensure security, sustainability and transparency.”

Tiranee said currently the ministry and BDI are working on several projects to drive Thailand forward, including the big data integration and governance project, the health link, travel link and environmental link initiatives, data analytics services, big data business promotion, big data ecosystem and industrial promotion, e-learning and practice-based learning, and the ThaiLLM project.