FRIDAY, March 01, 2024

Commerce Ministry preparing to promote BCG products globally

Commerce Ministry preparing to promote BCG products globally

Thai producers adopting the Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) economic model are eyeing the international market following the success of BCG-branded products at home, and the Commerce Ministry is assisting by identifying new products and promoting them.

With consumer trends prioritising environmentally-friendly and sustainable products, Thai BCG products – hand-woven textiles,Thai silk attire, avocado oil, and lotion made from banana leaves – have gained significant appeal, officials at the Commerce Ministry say.

They say BCG products also strengthen local economies. Ministry officials began searching this year for more products that benefit consumers, producers, and the environment, and are focusing on three product groups:

1. BCG products that focus on preserving natural resources, the environment, promoting health, and developing environmentally-friendly products.

2. Identity products that preserve local wisdom and uniqueness.

3. Innovation products that maintain a competitive edge and increase product value through innovation.

Provincial commerce officers were assigned as sales representatives this year to gather premium quality products for the three groups. Ministry officials also aim to promote production, product development, design, storytelling, and market expansion to add value to the products.

The successful realisation of these goals culminated in the Thailand Local BCG Plus Expo 2023. It marked the first time businesses related to local BCG products across all regions came together to showcase and sell their products. This event caters to environmentally-conscious consumers who value sustainable consumption.

According to Commerce Ministry Inspector General Wannaporn Ketutat, the five trade shows conducted across all regions yielded positive results, exceeding sales targets.

The event generated over 386.5 million baht in sales and business negotiations, with the Thailand Local BCG Plus Expo 2023 contributing 694.72 million baht in total trade value.

In the coming months, the ministry plans to conduct an online business matching event in collaboration with Thai trade. com, facilitating international trade negotiations for local BCG products. Additionally, they will continue promoting the products through the media and exhibitions.

Next year, the project will expand to second-tier markets and focus on developing new entrepreneurs. In the third to fifth years, the focus will be on international expansion.