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Thailand’s top 5 wealthy women investors of 2023

Thailand’s top 5 wealthy women investors of 2023

As women make significant strides in the business and investment landscape, The Nation introduces you to Thailand’s five wealthiest female stock investors based on their investment portfolios in 2023.

1. Daonapa Petampai

Topping the list is Daonapa Petampai, founder of Muangthai Capital Plc (MTC), formerly Muangthai Leasing, a leading provider of automotive and personal loans.

Daonapa holds a substantial 33.96% stake in the company, with 720 million shares. Her holding is valued at approximately 31.68 billion baht, based on the latest closing price of 44 baht. Notably, Daonapa and her husband Chuchat were ranked as Thailand’s 21st richest family by Forbes in 2023, with a combined wealth of US$1.75 billion or 62.4 billion baht.

2. Dr Poramaporn Prasarttong-Osoth

In second place is Dr Poramaporn Prasarttong-Osoth, daughter of Dr Prasert Prasarttong-Osoth, one of Thailand’s wealthiest stock investors and owner of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) hospital network.

Poramaporn’s diverse portfolio includes over 800 million shares of BDMS (5.18%) worth 21.21 billion baht, 136.3 million shares of Bangkok Airways (6.49%) worth 2.003 billion baht, and nearly 600 million shares of The One Enterprise (25.05%) worth 2.38 billion baht. Her total portfolio is estimated at 25.6 billion baht.

3. Jareeporn Jarukornsakul

Jareeporn Jarukornsakul, chairman and group CEO of WHA Corporation Pcl, secures the third spot with a portfolio worth 18.74 billion baht. Holding over 3.48 million shares (23.29%) of WHA Corporation, engaged in real estate development and infrastructure services, Jareeporn’s shares are valued at 18.45 million baht.

She also holds approximately 73 million shares of WHA Utilities and Power Plc (1.93%), worth 292.39 million baht. Forbes’ 2023 Thailand’s 50 Richest list ranks Jareeporn at 37th place, with a total net worth of US$955 million or 34.05 billion baht.

4. Nutchamai Thanombooncharoen

Nutchamai Thanombooncharoen, the cofounder and chairperson of Carabao Group (CBG), known for the energy drink Carabao Dang, occupies the fourth position.

Holding a 21% stake in CBG with 210 million shares, Nutchamai’s portfolio is valued at 17.27 billion baht, based on the latest closing price of 82.25 baht.

Nutchamai holds the 38th spot in Forbes’ 2023 Thailand’s 50 Richest list, with a total net worth of US$280 million or 29.23 billion baht.

5. Thida Kaewbootta

Securing the fifth position is Thida Kaewbootta, currently serving as the organisation strategy director at Srisawad Corp Pcl, a company providing personal loans that was founded by her parents Chatchai and Jariya.

Thida holds over 204 million shares (14.91%) of Srisawad Corp, valued at 8.85 billion baht. Additionally, she possesses nearly 12 million shares of Scan Inter Plc (1%), worth 19.18 million baht. Thida’s overall portfolio is estimated at 8.87 billion baht.