Hospital admissions for Covid rise again

TUESDAY, MAY 07, 2024

Reported cases of Covid-19 have continued to rise over the past week, with 1,792 patients hospitalised and 12 dying of the disease, the Department of Disease Control said on Monday.

According to its Facebook page, the daily number of hospitalised patients and fatalities increased by 256 and two between April 28 and May 4.

Since January this year, Thailand has recorded 13,057 patients and 93 fatalities due to Covid-19. Of the total admissions, 501 developed lung inflammation and 187 were put on ventilators.

Hospital admissions for Covid rise again

The department advised people to adhere to the D-M-H-T principle to prevent infection and protect themselves.

• Distancing: Keep 1-2 metres from others and avoid going to crowded venues

• Mask wearing: Wear a facemask while entering venues at risk of Covid-19

• Hand washing: Wash hands with water or alcohol gel regularly

• Testing: Take a rapid antigen test if developing symptoms, such as sore throat, sneezing, coughing and/or headache