Swede likely killed himself in Ghost Tower


Police suspect a Swedish man found hanging from a beam on the 43rd floor of an abandoned building in downtown Bangkok committed suicide.

News of the body being discovered on Friday night went viral. 
A Pantip post by an amateur photographer who led rescue workers and police to find the body at the Sathon Unique Tower in Yan Nawa district attracted over 2,300 comments. Stig Johann Christian Hammerstein, 30, was identified by his driver’s licence. Police suspect he had been dead for up to five days.
Yan Nawa deputy superintendent Lt-Colonel Sanchai Matkhamchan said police found no trace of physical assault. 
He said the investigation was ongoing and the autopsy would be performed at the Forensic Institute at Police General Hospital.
Police would contact the Swedish Embassy so the deceased’s family could be alerted. 
Sanchai said the Swede had entered Thailand on November 10 and rented a guesthouse room in the Phra Arthit area of Bangkok.
The amateur photographer who found the body, 33-year-old chef Nathawat Wasathien, told police he enjoyed taking photos of Bangkok from up high and accessed the building after paying a security guard Bt100.
The condominium building on Charoen Krung Road has been closed since 1997 but is a popular spot for photographers due to its spectacular vistas of the capital.