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T-shirts mocking Trump and Prayut already on sale

T-SHIRTS mocking president-elect of the United States Donald Trump and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha are the latest hot items in Thailand.

A Facebook page that goes by the name Kai Mod Took Sing (“We sell everything”) offers free delivery for orders of T-shirts with captions “We will ‘Trump’ as promised” and “I was born in Donald Trump’s era” in Thai. The T-shirts are sold at Bt250, DPA reported.
“We have received a lot of orders for the T-shirts after we advertised the sales on our Facebook page,” said the page owner, who declined to be named.
“We will ‘Trump’ as promised’ is a play on words. “Trump” has a similar sound to “tum” which means “do” in Thai. This phrase mocked an iconic song “Return Happiness to Thailand” written by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.
Prayut had promised to restore peace and order in the country after taking power in a May 2014 coup, following a decade of political instability. He promised general elections in 2017.
Shirts with a drawing of Hillary Clinton, the loser, and the words “No victory for wimps” were also on offer.
Another popular item sold on the same Facebook page is T-shirts with the caption “I was born in Donald Trump’s era”, were also produced for sale.


Published : November 11, 2016

By : The Nation, Agencies