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People expect backsliding in battling corruption, implementing road map: poll

MOST PEOPLE expect to see a decline in government efforts to tackle corruption this year and are not convinced that the “road map” for a return to democracy will be implemented as promised, a new public poll has found.

However, more than 70 per cent of respondents said they still counted on Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to improve the political situation this year, according to results of the Suan Dusit Poll released yesterday.
Less than half of the people surveyed said they relied on politicians to resolve political issues.
About two-thirds of the 1,266 people surveyed believe that the administration this year could strengthen the country and there would be peace, according to the poll conducted between last Sunday to Friday on the public’s perspective of the political situation.
There are three areas where people expect to see improvement this year:
Making the country strong came first with 69 per cent. Respondents said the government had clear policies and was serious about implementing them. 
They said all ministers were working in the same direction and had measures to service the public.
The second thing that 66 per cent people expected to see over the next 12 months is an improvement in the peace situation in the country. The reasons cited were the government’s ability to control the situation and people of different parties wanting to see peace.

Organic laws seen as crucial 
The writing of the organic laws came third on the list at 57 per cent. The respondents said the |situation would improve because these laws were crucial to the country and would have an impact on people and ensure democratic rights for the public. 
There are three areas where people expect to see a regression this year: Laxity in crackdown on corruption topped the list for about 71 per cent. They believe politics was about special interests, a problem that has persisted for a long time, and there were loopholes in government projects that could be exploited by the corrupt.
The political conflict came second, with nearly 70 per cent of respondents saying the government hadn’t succeeded in bringing about reconciliation, and also because it was considered a |military government.
Some 54 per cent remained doubtful about the government’s promise to stick to its road map. Their views were coloured by recent news of the next election being delayed and also because there were many issues the government had failed to deal with. 
Almost three-quarters of people surveyed, however, still have faith in Prime Minister Prayut’s ability to resolve political issues this year, while 64 per cent said that it was everyone’s duty to lend a helping hand.
Faith in the government (61 per cent) was third, and faith in civil servants (56) fourth.
Politicians were on the bottom of the list with nearly 49 per cent of people saying they counted on politicians to solve the political issues.

Who do you think can make Thai politics better in 2017?
1. Prime minister:      73% 
2. Members of public:      64%
3. Government:     61%
4. Bureaucrats:     56%
5. Politicians:      48%

Source: Suan Dusit Poll

Published : January 07, 2017