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Accused dealer 50 metres from police station 

A two-time inmate has been arrested after he allegedly rented a house just 50 metres from Mueang Loei police station to sell methamphetamine pills to students and youths.

Police arrested Sarawut Siritham, 33, at the rented house at five minutes after Thursday midnight in a sting operation.
Police planned the arrest after the Loei-based 28th Army Circle received a complaint of a man peddling drugs to students and youths in Loei’s Mueang district.
Police and district officials investigated and learned that Siritham had been renting a house just 50 metres from the police station as a base to sell drugs. 
When a police informant turned up in front of the house to buy drugs, Sarawut refused to open the door. He simply handed out the drug through a slot and took the money in return.
Police, who were hiding, then forced the door open, but Sarawut is alleged to have rushed to put meth pills and money from the police informant into the house cesspit.
The authorities could not retrieve the drugs but took back the cash as evidence.
Police said they found 27 meth pills in Sarawut’s trousers pocket. Together with the drug sold the informant, police have 37 meth pills as evidence.
Police said Sarawut had been released from prison just four months ago. He was jailed for the first time for a number of years and the second time for one year and nine months. Both were drugs peddling convictions.

Published : August 11, 2017

By : The Nation