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Mother’s hopes extinguished as ex-boyfriend admits killing her daughter in 2014

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A mother’s hopes that her daughter was still alive after going missing three years ago have been dashed after an ex-army sergeant recently confessed to murdering her.

Patcharee Panthong, the mother of Ployrin Plipon, 28, said she had kept sending messages almost every day to her daughter’s mobile phone since she went missing from a food factory in Ayutthaya’s Tharue district on May 21, 2014.
She reported her daughter missing to police in Bangkok but the case did not go anywhere, although Ployrin’s exboyfriend Polkrit Wiset was the prime suspect, Patcharee said.
Recently, the case was revived by the anticrime Facebook page Ejun, which led to the arrest of Polkrit.
Polkrit, who was dishonourably discharged from the Army in 2014, was arrested in Nakhon Ratchasima province where a team of police and army officers had surrounded a house, which is believed to belong to his wife, since Friday.
On Sunday, he surrendered and was escorted to Suratham Pitak military base in the province. Pol MajGeneral Suthi Puangpikul, a provincial commander, and Colonel Adul Boonthamcharoen, the military base chief, led his interrogation at the base. 
Adul told reporters later that Polkrit had confessed that he kidnapped Ployrin three years ago with the intention of convincing her to resume their relationship.
However, she apparently wanted to end the relationship after discovering that Polkrit was married.
Police said Polkrit became angry when she insisted that she wanted to leave him. In a struggle that followed, she stabbed him with a small knife and he strangled her to death.
Polkrit said he then went to a shop to buy petrol and three tyres to burn her body in a remote area of Saraburi province, according to police.
Polkrit later led police to the location where he said he buried Ployrin’s body. Police unearthed a collection of bones at the site that will be DNA tested, with the results to be compared to Patcharee’s DNA.
The Ejun Facebook page yesterday quoted a forensic police doctor as saying the bones belonged to Ployrin.
After being interrogated at the Suratham Pitak base, Polkrit was handed over to police, who will handle the case according to civilian procedures since he has been discharged from the Army.

Published : August 14, 2017