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Boys rewarded for great kindness

Two schoolboys aged 11 and 12 have been praised for kindness after they returned a wallet containing cash and gold ornaments worth Bt100,000 to the owner.

Udom Summat took his son Chai-udon, 12, and nephew Anuwat, 11, to the Samrong Nua Police Station in Samut Prakan on Saturday afternoon and handed over the wallet, which contained Bt57,761 in cash, a gold necklace, a gold ring with jewels, a wristwatch and a passport belonging to Navy Captain Chainarong Boonyaritkalin, 52. 
The boys said they went to look at fish from the pier, a place often frequented by those releasing fish for merit making. There they met a man who was carrying many things and chatted briefly with him before he left. 
Later they realised he had dropped his wallet at the pier and wanted to return it to him. 
The navy officer duly collected the wallet from the police station and gave the boys Bt10,000 cash to reward them for returning it to him and not pocketing it, which they could easily have done.
Udom said he was proud of his son and nephew for their good deed.

Published : September 03, 2017

By : Suthinan Kongsin The Nation