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US autopsy released of 2 Thai river victims

US authorities have released autopsy results of two Thai postgraduate students whose rented car plunged into Kings River in Fresno, California, on July 26, said a spokeswoman for Thailand’s Foreign Ministry.



Busadee Santipithak, director general of the Foreign Ministry’s Department of Information, said the Royal Thai Consulate General in Los Angeles had received the autopsy report
The results concluded that Thiwadee Saengsuriyarit, 24, died by drowning while Bhakapon Chairattanasongporn, 28, died when his chest was crushed from the severe impact of the crash.
Torrential river conditions caused the US authorities to wait until September 1 before they could carry out the retrieval operation.
The local Thai community held a prayer ritual at the Thai temple in Los Angeles on Friday Los Angeles time.
On Saturday Los Angeles time, the Piman Thai Crematorium is scheduled to hold a cremation for the two dead at no cost. Only family members will be present for the rites.
On Sunday Los Angeles time, a post-cremation prayer rite would be held at Garfield Place in Lost Angeles.
Busadee said the ashes from Bhakapon’s remains would be floated on September 13.

Published : September 09, 2017

By : The Nation