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Couple receives aid after destroying house in search of Ironwood Nymph

A desperate couple in Kamphaeng Phet province who dismantled their one-storey, two-bedroom house in August in a search of an ironwood tree that a medium had linked to a blessing for their ailing son are receiving assistance.



Pran Kratai district Tambon Wang Tabaek officials on Wednesday delivered construction equipment to Jamruan Mukda, 44, and his wife Thongpin, 40, as they rebuild their house, while other villagers donated money through the village kamnan to help buy materials. Soldiers will build the house for free. 
The donations and construction materials were provided to the family by community members who expressed sympathy for the couple because of their child’s illness and their apparent desperation that led them to demolish their house.
The couple’s son has been ill for a long time but after his condition improved after they consulted a medium, the parents began praying to animist spirits known as the Two Nagas and the Ironwood Tree Nymph. 
However, after the couple’s house was demolished and an excavator dug a hole eight metres wide and eight metres deep, they were unable to find an ironwood tree on their land. 
The medium fled the area after the story made the news.

Published : September 20, 2017

By : The Nation