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Danish motorcyclist robbed while checking a map in Phuket

A Danish tourist filed a robbery report with Phuket police on Friday night over theft of his luggage with valuables worth Bt55,000.

Kristian Stage, 35, told officers at the Thalang police station that two motorcyclists snatched his Samsonite bag on Wednesday afternoon as he stood in front of a mosque in Ban Nai Klam village in Tambon Si Sunthorn in Thalang district.
He said he had placed the bag on his rented motorcycle as he stood beside it to check his planned route on a roadmap.
The tourist said he tried chasing after the robbers on his motorcycle but could not catch up with them.
Stage said he first tried to file a complaint with a tourist centre at the Phuket International Airport but he was advised to come to the Thalang police station instead.
Stage said the bag itself was worth Bt3,000, and it contained an Acer notebook computer worth Bt41,500, two SSD hard drives worth Bt10,000 and a flash drive worth about Bt500.
Police were checking CCTV footage to try to locate the robbers.

Published : September 23, 2017

By : The Nation