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FRIDAY, February 03, 2023
Labour Ministry announces a sack of gifts

Labour Ministry announces a sack of gifts

FRIDAY, December 22, 2017

Thailand’s Labour Ministry has nine measures to present as New Year 2018 gifts to the public, minister Pol General Adul Sangsingkeo announced on Thursday.

The measures gifted under the banner “Kao Cheunban, Raeng Ngan Cheunjai” (nine refreshing things to please workers) are:
- “Cheunchop Chang Raeng Ngan”: A total of 77 service points will be set up nationwide to repair and maintain cars and motorcycles from December 29, 2017 to January 4
- “Cheunchom Chang Pracha Rath”: A total of 1,000 “Pracha Rath” repairmen nationwide whose skills are up to the ministry’s standard will repair appliances for a low-cost fee
- “Cheunmeun Mee Ngan Tham”: A total of 70,000 job positions would be available for disabled elderly people – the latter of whom would have 2,500 positions
- “Cheunban Ban Pracha Rath”: People insured under the Social Security Office (SSO) will be eligible for 5,000 house purchase loans, each worth up to Bt1 million, with a low annual interest rate of 3 per cent for three years from the Government Housing Bank, Government Savings Bank and Krungthai Bank
- “Cheunjai Kha Liangdo Butr”: About 1.2 million SSO insured persons will benefit from a recent hike to Bt600 per head per month in the child support allowance – compared to the previous rate of Bt400. The allowance is provided for up to three children and coverage from birth until six years of age.
- “Cheunjit Sitthi Phuprakanton”: About 2.4 million insured persons under the SSO Act’s Section 40 (including off-system workers, freelancers) will benefit from the recent hike of Bt300 per day in [temporary sickness or injury-induced inability to earn] income compensation, up from the previous Bt200 a day, and from a hike in death compensation to Bt40,000 from the previous Bt20,000
- “Cheunsook Riakrak Sitthi”: Convenient channels for SSO insured people’s inquiries about their entitled benefits and welfare via and the hotline 1506
- “Cheun Chiva Rairok Najor”: A smartphone application for office workers to download and learn to prevent and treat “sick office syndromes” and ensure a safe working environment
- “Cheunta Asa Raeng Ngan”: An addition of 253 volunteers in Bangkok to promote labour-related news and benefits . They join 7,200 such volunteers already enrolled nationwide.