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SATURDAY, February 04, 2023
Banks pledge strict ID checks for account openers

Banks pledge strict ID checks for account openers

WEDNESDAY, January 10, 2018

The Thai Bankers’ Association on Tuesday affirmed that all its members had a standard regulation for confirming the identities of those applying for new bank accounts.

That includes a requirement for an applicant to show a Thai ID card, the swiping of card information with a smart card reader to match the data with that appearing on the card, and checking whether the person opening an account was the same person as the card owner. 
The banks also display signs warning of criminal-code punishments for those opening bank accounts on the behalf of others. 
The association’s comments referred to a recent case involving Nicha Kiatthanapaiboon, a 24-year-old private company worker whose stolen Thai ID card was allegedly used by fraudsters. Nicha, who faced a fraud charge and three-days’ detention before being bailed on Monday, has insisted that she was an innocent victim in the case.
The association said the banks cited in this case would co-operate with the police inquiry and would find appropriate solutions for all sides. 
In the meantime, the member banks had instructed their staff to strictly follow regulations and be more careful while asking for co-operation from customers and explaining to them the necessity for strict identification checking when opening accounts or using bank services.