Ministry boosts housekeeper skills with training


The Ministry of Commerce has launched a training programme for professional low-wage housekeepers in the hope of developing their vocational skills so they can earn more.

Department of Business Development director-general Kulanee Issadisai said housekeepers were in high demand, especially in the hospitality sector and at condominiums, apartments and town homes, and a degree of professionalism was required.
She said the agency and Bangkok-based Dhurakij Pundit University would provide training for low-income earners to give them the skills and knowledge they need to ensure job security.
Kulanee said the Thai Hotels Association and Home Product Center Co were prepared to hire those who undergo training.
The programme attracted 300 applicants and 200 were selected for training, she said.
Eight of the 200 were registered to receive state welfare payments as low-income earners.