SATURDAY, April 20, 2024

Rescuer and boy drown in rough Songkhla seas

Rescuer and boy drown in rough Songkhla seas

A father drowned after he rescued his son from the sea in Songkhla, while one of his son’s friends also died after being washed out to sea amid strong waves on Monday evening.

The drownings happened at 5.30pm after seven children went to swim near Sanam Chai Bridge in Sathing Phra district’s Tambon Sanam Chai.
Local residents said fishermen had warned the children not to go swimming because the waves were high but they did not listen.
Two children were later washed out to sea by a big wave, prompting Surapol Woonklinhom, 54, to swim out to rescue them.
Surapol rescued his son, Ratanapol Woonklinhom, 10, but he drowned after he swam out again to try to rescue another boy, Phum Chantharak, 10.
Surapol’s body was retrieved by other villagers.
Residents the found Phum’s body at 12.30am on Tuesday washed up on a beach about two kilometres from where he went missing.