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Authorities get tough on ads for cosmetics

Those suspected of making exaggerated or false claims to be immediately suspended.



AUTHORITIES have vowed to immediately suspend any advertisements that are believed to promote unauthorised cosmetics or food supplements or exaggerate their benefits. 
Advertisers who fail to comply with the suspension order face a hefty fine of up to Bt100,000 a day. 

Authorities get tough on ads for cosmetics
“We plan to suspend suspicious ads, pending a full review, so as to minimise any adverse impacts on consumers,” National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) secretary-general Takorn Tantasith said yesterday. 

Authorities get tough on ads for cosmetics
He was speaking after emerging from a meeting with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) secretary-general Wanchai Sattayawuthipong and Public Health Ministry deputy permanent secretary Tares Krassanairawiwong. 
Representatives of key agencies came together for serious discussions following the revelation that many cosmetics products and food supplements in the market are unauthorised. 

Authorities get tough on ads for cosmetics
It was only recently the public found out that Magic Skin, a well-known brand that hired many celebrities to endorse its products, had sold substandard products. 
It was also reported lately that several people had died after allegedly taking Lyn’s weight-loss products, which allegedly contained some dangerous substances. Lyn is also a widely known brand in Thailand. 

Authorities get tough on ads for cosmetics
“We used to take between 45 and 60 days to review an ad on TV, radio and social media,” Takorn said, “But from now on, we will streamline work steps and act faster.”
At yesterday’s meeting, the FDA decided to station its ad-review officials at the NBTC headquarters so that they could quickly alert the NBTC of potentially harmful ads. 
The NBTC secretary-general will then suspend those ads until the results of a full review come out. 
Violators of the suspension are punishable by a Bt100,000 a day fine and a maximum fine of Bt5 million. 
Tares said the efficient control of ads would improve consumer protection. 

Authorities get tough on ads for cosmetics
Wanchai has estimated that there are between 10,000 and 20,000 cosmetic plants in the country. 
“Most of them are in Bangkok’s neighbouring provinces, namely Samut Prakan, Nakhon Pathom and Pathum Thani,” he said. 
He said the Public Health Ministry’s regulation on standards for cosmetics manufacturing places would take effect next month. 
“We plan to inspect all registered places based on the standard within three months,” Wanchai said. 
He urged consumers to remain alert and do their best to protect themselves from misleading ads. 
“Food supplements are not medicines. Don’t think they can cure a disease,” he said. “Also keep in mind that cosmetics cannot change the structure of the human body.” 
Wanchai urged consumers to alert the FDA via Hotline 1566, [email protected], and Oryor Smart App if they come across any advertisement of illegal health |products. 
In a related development, deputy national police commissioner Pol General Wirachai Songmetta led a team to the New Don Muang Market to search shops amid reports that some unlicensed cosmetics and food supplements were available there. The operation, however, faced some resistance. 

Authorities get tough on ads for cosmetics
Pol Lt-Colonel Santhana Prayoonrat, a former deputy superintendent at the Special Branch Police Division, led more than 100 vendors in complaining to police that police had search warrants for five shops only and hence should not extend their operations to affect all other shops in the same market. 
“Not all shops sell cosmetics,” he said. Santhana, who is an adviser to the operator of the New Don Muang Market, said the operator did not allow police to use its space for police operations. 

Authorities get tough on ads for cosmetics
“We will file a complaint of encroachment if police continue to occupy space in the market,” he said, as he handed a petition for justice to police.
Police used three trucks to carry away products, which will be used as evidence. 

Published : May 03, 2018