Mon, June 27, 2022


Something is making Krabi elephants sick this year, says vet

The arrival of the rainy season in Krabi this year has caused an increase in elephant illnesses, with mahouts bringing their animals to get medical treatment at an elephant hospital in the province.

Hospital veterinarian Benjatham Thaitham, says she’s worried that the elephants may be eating mud, fruits and vegetables contaminated with toxic chemicals that fell to earth with the recent rains.
Benjatham reported that about 10 pachyderms were brought to the hospital in May alone.
The elephants used to haul logs but are now used in tourism promotion activities, with some tour companies providing elephant rides.
“Most of them suffer from flatulence and infections of the respiratory system,” she said.
Benjatham says it was initially believed that the animals fell sick because of the food they had eaten. But she now believes the foods include rotten pineapple and fruits contaminated with toxic chemicals.
“Since elephants like to eat mud, which comes with the rain and to them has a good smell, mud contaminated with diseases and chemicals may have caused them to have problems.”


Published : June 07, 2018

By : The Thaiger