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‘No evidence’ yet to charge woman with killing cats

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POLICE YESTERDAY said that no legal action had yet been taken against a 30-year-old woman suspected by netizens of torturing and killing at least 27 kittens she had adopted from shelters and people.

Pol Lt-Colonel Soontorn Malavej, the deputy chief of Phetkasem Police Station in Bangkok, said that there was so far no solid evidence to accuse her of violating the Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animal Act promulgated five years ago.
The woman, identified only as Wararat, reportedly works as a music disc jockey at some entertainment venues.
The alleged acts came to light after Issaraporn Samutklin, 30, operator of an animal shelter, wrote on her Facebook page about her suspicion that Wararat may have tortured and killed a cat she had adopted from Issaraporn.
Issaraporn revealed that she had four sterilised kittens under her care. She had posted on her Facebook page that was seeking caretakers. Wararat reportedly contacted her on Wednesday, claiming she wished to adopt a male long-tailed kitten with good behaviour.
She did not want the cat to make any loud noise because her condo building did not allow pets.
Issaraporn said she met Wararat at a vet clinic in Phetkasem district on Wednesday afternoon and handed over the cat to her.
Issaraporn, who wanted to know about the kitten’s welfare, said she could not contact Wararat through Facebook, Line chat or on telephone on Wednesday night.
She managed to make a telephone call on Thursday but the receiver claimed she was not the one who had adopted the cat.
However, she admitted to be the cat’s adoptor when Issaraporn said the clinic had a security camera.
Wararat then claimed that she had handed over the cat to a friend, as she was allergic to cats. 
Issaraporn then posted a warning about Wararat’s suspicious behaviour, which led to Wararat threatening to sue Issaraporn.
Both women then agreed to settle the problem in the presence of the Phetkasem police on Saturday. Wararat came to the police station with the carcass of a cat in a black plastic bag, saying the cat had died after being bitten by a dog. She then left.
However, Issaraporn said the cat seemed to have died from torture as its inner organs appeared to be missing. Therefore, she registered a complaint with police and alerted the Livestock Department. Officials searched Wararat’s condo and her parents’ house but could not find anything incriminating.
Issaraporn met police again yesterday. Peerabun Charoenwai of animal welfare networks, a representative of Watchdog Thailand Facebook page, and Chaiwat Yothakon, deputy spokesman of the Livestock Department, were also present.
Peerabun claimed that an investigation revealed Wararat had adopted at least 27 kittens from other animal shelters.
Other animal-shelter operators had told him that they too would seek police action against Wararat. 
Pol Lt-Colonel Soonthorn yesterday said that he would have the cat’s carcass examined at either Chulalongkorn or Kasetsart University to find out the real cause of its death. Peerabun said his team would seek a meeting with acting Metropolitan police commissioner Pol Maj-General Suthipong Wongpin to discuss the issue and other cases.

Published : October 21, 2018