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Donations sought for stricken owner of 30 dogs in Korat

A village head in Nakhon Ratchasima put out a call for donations on Friday after the destitute owner of about 30 dogs suffered a stroke.

Sitthichai Pensri, head of Ban Dan Tai in Tambon None Thai, said Surapol Poonpeng, 55, was in Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital pending brain surgery after neighbours found him in distress on Wednesday.
Surapol is a deaf mute and is affectionately known as Uncle Mute.
He relied on leftover food from neighbours to feed his dogs, which he’s kept in cages inside his house.
Sitthichai said the dogs were hungry and howling, evidently missing their owner.
He asked for donations of food and money to cover Surapol’s medical expenses, offering his own phone number as a contact – 062 195 0188.

Published : November 23, 2018

By : The Nation