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New research may help save more heart attack victims

Chiang Mai University (CMU)'s award-winning researcher Dr Siripong Palee, has expressed hope that his research on mitochondrial change to prevent cardiac muscle injury during acute heart disease will save more patients in the future.

New research may help save more heart attack victims

Siripong, a researcher under the Cardiac Electrophysiology Research and Training Center (CERT Center) at CMU Faculty of Medicine, won the "International Early Career Investigator Award" during the "AHA Scientific Session 2018" conference on cardiovascular disease, which was held from November 10 to 2 in Chicago. 
During the conference Siripong presented his research on “Improving Mitochondrial Dynamic Index by Mitochondrial Dynamic Modulators Exerts Cardio Protection Against CardiacIshemia/ Reperfusion Injury” which will also be published in the Circulation Journal.
A heart attack, which occurs when a complete or partial blockage in one or more coronary arteries reduces or stops blood flow to the heart, is among the leading causes of death worldwide and hospitals commonly use techniques to restore blood flow to part of the heart muscle damaged during a heart attack. 

New research may help save more heart attack victims
However, this approach sometimes can lead to a heart muscle injury and abnormality in heart function that can be fatal. 
In a bid to minimise such heart muscle injury, Siripong conducted research on lab rats and found that the use of an inhibitor to the mitochondrial cell division and an activator for mitochondrial cell integration could boost balance and reduce the chance of muscle injury.
The study was sponsored by the Thailand Research Fund and got CMU’s CERT Center director Dr Nipon Chattipakorn and leading researcher Dr Siriporn Chattipakorn serving as two main advisers.

Published : December 14, 2018

By : The Nation