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Funding campaign enables paralysed US teacher to return home

US national Caroline Bradner woke up on the morning of December 22 in Thailand and found herself unable to move, paralysed from the neck down.

Bradner, a recent graduate of the University of Mississippi, had been living in Surat Thani province on Thailand’s southern peninsula teaching primary school students English for two months when she started feeling weak.
The South China Morning Post reported that Bradner was diagnosed with “Guillain Barré Syndrome”, a rare disease that causes people’s immune system to attack their nerves, which could cause paralysis lasting months or even years.
Caroline’s family found that her travel insurance would not cover her cost of repatriation as she would require special seating and assistance during the flight.
However, a GoFundMe campaign by her family raised over US$76,000, enabling her to return home to her family in Virginia.
Her sister revealed that she had started feeling the symptoms the day before.
“She started feeling weak and it became hard for her to walk.
“What started as muscle weakness in her abdomen, worsened into paralysis over the course of two days.”


Published : January 06, 2019

By : The Thaiger