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SUNDAY, January 29, 2023
Kosovo repatriates 110 citizens from Syria

Kosovo repatriates 110 citizens from Syria

SATURDAY, April 20, 2019

Kosovo on Saturday repatriated 110 of its citizens from Syria, mostly mothers with their children having followed their partners who went to join jihadist groups in the war-torn country.

"Today, in the early hours of the morning, a very sensitive and important operation was conducted with the help of the United States in which the Kosovar government repatriated 110 citizens from the war zone in Syria," justice minister Abelard Tahiri told a news conference.

The group was made up mostly of women and children, but there were also four fighters, he said.

Some 300 Kosovars joined jihadists in Syria and Iraq, according to the interior ministry.

Around 70 of them were killed and 120 have come home, with most arrested on their return.

Kosovo passed a law four years ago allowing citizens to be jailed for up to 15 years if they leave the country to join armed groups abroad.