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Storms ease Chiang Mai pollution but leave some without roof over their heads

Tropical storms yesterday helped keep the fine dust down from Chiang Mai’s sky but they razed to the ground several houses in some districts.

As reported by Chiang Mai’s provincial disaster and mitigation prevention unit, the tropical storms started late in the afternoon after the temperature soared to 42 degrees Celsius. The rains were expected to help disperse the PM2.5 particles, improving the weather in the province. However, the strong winds blew away the rooftops of several houses, especially those in Hang Dong district. Some trees were reportedly felled by the strong winds, obstructing traffic. More than 1,000 houses in 35 villages in the district were partially damaged by the winds, as well as a temple. Officers were mobilised to help residents whose properties were damaged, according to Chiang Mai Governor Supachai Iamsuwan, who also delivered first aide and relief packs to the residents.
 In remote Omkoi district, its mountainous areas were reported to have been hit by hails brought by cold storms. The residents said the incident was rare and it looked like snowfall. The hail spell lasted about 30 minutes, the residents said.

Published : April 21, 2019

By : The Nation