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Authorities sell dugong babies’ Line sticker to raise funds

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The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) has launched a set of Line stickers to mark the tragic deaths of two rescued baby dugongs to raise funds for the protection of the marine environment. 

The DMCR announced on its Facebook wall on Saturday that it had released a Line sticker set called, “DMCR Dugong conservation” in memory of the two baby dugongs rescued and nursed by humans. 
The post said the stickers were in memory of Mariam and Yameel so Line users can go anywhere with stickers of the two baby dugongs.
“And the stickers will remind you of the mission to conserve the environment by joining hands to reduce the use of plastic and foam and by not littering garbage into water resources and sea,” the post says.
It said the proceeds from the sticker set would go to the fund to provide welfare for volunteers and officials protecting the coastal environment.

Published : August 24, 2019

By : The Nation