Testing finds excessive chemical residues in produce at quarantine station


Residual chemical substances were found in 1,500 samples of vegetables and fruits imported from China at Chiangsaen Plant Quarantine Station in Chiang Saen district of Chiang Rai province, said Deputy Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Mananya Thaiset today (November 1) after an inspection of the facility and testing of the produce without advance notice.

The ministry is tasked with monitoring plant quarantine stations which are said to have imported agricultural produce with residual chemical substances exceeding the limit. It has no authority over the imports but to inform the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which is responsible for consumer products in quarantine. 
The Public Health Ministry has been collaborating with The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to strictly check and quarantine produce with chemical residues and is planning to establish labs capable of detecting over 100 types of chemical substances in Chiang Khong Customs Checkpoint, said Mananya.
FDA said that it's necessary to quarantine vegetables and fruits with exceeding amount of hazardous substances at Chiang Khong Customs Checkpoint as it is one of the largest distribution channels to several markets in Thailand.
Dicrotophos, methamidophos and mevinphos were substances commonly found in 14 types of 1,500 samples including chilis, green pepper, oranges from Myanmar and celeries, purple cabbages, broccolis, radishes from China. Oranges were identified as the produce with the highest level of chemical residues.