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Social Security Act draft for teen mothers approved

The cabinet on Tuesday (November 26) approved a draft of the Social Security Act on preventing or solving the problem of teenage mothers. The draft will be in accordance with the Prevention and Solution of Adolescent Pregnancy Problem Act 2016.

The draft requires that:
1. The Department of Women’s Affairs and Family Development provide training and jobs for teenage mothers;
2. The Department of Children and Youth seek volunteers to provide care for children in case teenage mothers become incapacitated; and
3. Counselling services or advice centres be opened for teenagers and families. The centres should also provide suitable and safe accommodation and coordinate with relevant departments to provide appropriate education for teen mothers.
The draft also set a proactive approach by supporting the Children and Youth Council of Thailand, which can help in the prevention, remedy or monitoring of adolescent pregnancies.

Published : November 26, 2019

By : The Nation