Erawan National Park gears up on safety, eco-tourism


A record 600,000 domestic and international tourists have visited Erawan National Park, a popular destination featuring a 7-tier waterfall located in the Tenasserim hills of Kanchanaburi province, said Porayut Waiwong, chief of the park, today( December 9).

In view of the large inflows of visitors, the park has strengthened its security measures and stressed the practices of eco-tourism. 
With regard to safety, the park had boosted the number of staff trained for first aids, and rescue equipment. It has also installed 40 surveillance cameras along the path to the 2nd level of the waterfall. In the event of a visitor suffering serious injuries, he/she will be transported safely to a nearby hospital immediately.
Tourists are also encouraged not to bring plastic bags into the park in line with a government's policy to ban single-use plastic items on January 1, 2020.