No permission from Beijing to evacuate Thais stranded in China


The government of China has not granted Thailand permission to land a plane to evacuate Thais stranded in China after the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said.

The prime minister said that China is still handling the situation while the Thai government has to prepare the list of Thai people in China, an assembly point and departure table before permission is granted.
The Thai embassy in China reported that there were no urgent requests to return to Thailand from those who were in China at this moment.
The premier asked people to be calm and support the officials to do their jobs effectively, as the government has prepared a plane for a month and the Minister of Foreign Affairs is managing all the processes.
Reacting to a question on his reported harsh style in dealing with the media, Prayut said the government does not have enough time to answer all the questions of the press and it was not necessary to publish some details of their work.