Sun, January 16, 2022


Pilot project aims to tackle illegal disposal of industrial waste

The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand has launched a pilot project on waste monitoring, aiming to reduce illegal disposal of industrial waste in Thailand, Porntep Puripatana, the deputy governor of special affairs, said.

“This pilot operation has been organised in the Northern Industrial Estate in Lamphun province,” he said. “The waste will be monitored from the source to the disposal destination, to prevent disposal in improper places.”
This project is in the first phase, with the aim to test the system, as well as GPS and radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies.
“We are using RFID to monitor those wastes by radio waves, real-time,” the deputy governor explained. 
“Trucks picking up the waste will also be monitored, preventing them from driving off their route to dispose the waste of at improper places.
“This phase would be finished in August or December, and the second phase, which will start later, will be about the installation of weighing scale and code checking,” he said. “The budget for this phase would be Bt20 million, and we want this pilot project target to be completed and applied to other industrial estates.”
Porntep explained that those factories need not pay more for this operation. “In fact, it is more convenient than submitting documents to the estate for picking up the waste to dispose of. Moreover, this developing system will allow factories to show their demand for disposal of industrial waste through smartphones."

Published : March 03, 2020