Sat, August 20, 2022


DIT officials, police pay company a visit over case of alleged mask hoarding, sale

Department of Internal Trade (DIT) officials accompanied by police visited a mask company today (March 9), which is at the centre of a case to do with alleged hoarding and planned mask sales to China.

A picture of the company’s products was posted by Sornsuwee Puraweerassawach on his social media page.
Sornsuwee was accused of allegedly hoarding the masks for sale to China. He updated details of his alleged business on his Facebook page, which was spotted by Thai netizens.
The company the officials visited is situated in Bangkok’s Ramintra area and is an importer and distributor of medical and health products.
After a preliminary investigation, the officials acknowledged that the company had distributed masks to 3,000-4,000 pharmacies nationwide before the Commerce Ministry’s move to control the price of the items.
The company does not know why its products were posted on Sornsuwee’s Facebook. Its executives plan to clarify the issue soon.
Other reports said that the officials have visited more than ten places nationwide related to the post.

Published : March 09, 2020