Thu, January 20, 2022


Tyre blowout slams brakes on alleged drug dealers' escape plans

Suspected drug dealers made a frantic effort to give police the slip while driving a pickup that emitted sparks of fire on a Chonburi street on Thursday (May 28).

The suspects were eventually arrested and 3,250 amphetamines and 41.70 grams of methamphetamine, aka ice, reportedly seized from them.
Nong Kham Police Station in Chonburi province posted on its fanpage a video of police pursuing a pickup truck reportedly belonging to drug dealers.
The station explained that the police on Thursday aimed to raid the drug dealers but they seemed to have been alerted and fled in a pickup.

credit: Nong Kham Police Station Facebook Fanpage
The pickup veered to the roadside while trying to escape, but damaged its front-right tyre. With sparks spreading across the street after the punctured tyre, the suspects continued driving, but were eventually arrested.

Published : May 29, 2020