Resumption of 108 train services on track

TUESDAY, JUNE 09, 2020

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) will resume 108 inter-provincial train services nationwide from June 11 under the government’s third phase of lockdown relaxation.

SRT governor Nirut Maneephan said on Monday (June 8) that as the lockdown has been eased further, more people have started to travel to other provinces.
“The SRT decided to resume 108 train services, which comprise long-distance, urban, ordinary and local trains,” he said.

The 20 long-distance trains that will run again are:

Northern route
- Express trains 7 and 9 (Bangkok-Chiang Mai)
- Express trains 8 and 10 (Chiang Mai-Bangkok)

Northeastern route
- Express trains 23, 71 (Bangkok-Ubon Ratchathani) and 25 (Bangkok-Nong Khai)
- Express trains 24, 72 (Ubon Ratchathani-Bangkok) and 26 (Nong Khai-Bangkok)

Southern route
- Express trains 31 (Bangkok-Hat Yai), 37 (Bangkok-Su-ngai Kolok), 43 (Bangkok-Surat Thani), 83 (Bangkok-Trang), 175 (Hat Yai-Su-ngai Kolok)
- Express trains 32 (Hat Yai-Bangkok), 38 (Su-ngai Kolok-Bangkok), 40 (Surat Thani-Bangkok), 84 (Trang-Bangkok), 176 (Su-ngai Kolok-Hat Yai)

Another 88 urban, ordinary and local trains will also resume services, including return trips, from June 11. Fifteen of these will serve northern routes, 12 northeastern and 18 southern routes.