Department offers Thai workers chance to go overseas


Once the Covid-19 crisis has been resolved, the Department of Employment (DOE) aims to send more than 50,000 workers overseas by September.

Suchat Pornchaiwiseskul, the department's director-general, said this move is in line with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha's policy send the Thai workforce overseas.
"We expect to send 20,120 workers to Taiwan, 3,818 to Japan, 6,421 to South Korea, 2,488 to Malaysia, 2,934 to Singapore and 2,840 to Israel," he said.
He added that Thai workers are known worldwide for their discipline and skills, and sending them abroad is possible now that Thailand has been able to control the spread of Covid-19 effectively.
"There is a great need for Thai workers, especially skilled and semi-skilled workers, in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Israel," he said.
"There are also jobs available in the service and hotel industry, but Thai workers have to develop their language skills, such as English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese, to vie for these jobs."
He added that he expects the private sector to play an important role in linking employers overseas to the Thai workforce once the Covid-19 outbreak comes to an end.
"The department will discuss the plan with related authorities at the Labour Ministry on June 20," he added.