Sun, January 16, 2022


Industrial estates told to prepare for flooding as heavy rainfall predicted

The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) has called on the management of industrial estates nationwide to keep an eye out for floods, after the Meteorological Department of Thailand has forecast heavier rainfall this year.

In a move to assure investors that their factories or manufacturing sites will not be flooded, the IEAT is checking each industrial estate’s preparedness, especially that of the Bangpoo Industrial Estate, which is located near the sea.
“Every industrial estate has been told to check its drainage system and they are all urged to dredge the troughs,” said IEAT governor Somchint Pilouk.
She added this operation will help the Bangpoo Industrial Estate and neighbouring communities to be prepared for floods. She also said that IEAT has called on all estate operators nationwide to check if their dykes are ready to protect their estates, and has also urged that they make pumps and generators ready to deal with heavy flooding.

Published : July 09, 2020