Vorayuth has no stake or involvement in TCP Group, Red Bull maker clarifies


TCP Group, the maker and distributor of global energy drink Red Bull, has clarified on its website that Vorayuth Yoovidhya, whose alleged involvement in a road accident that killed a policeman and subsequent absolution has been controversial, has never been involved with the group's business operations.

According to a release on its website, it said that in response to recent reports about Vorayuth's case, and misunderstanding about his relationship with TCP Group and the company’s products, "the company would like to state that we are fully aware of the situation and truly understand consumer sentiment regarding the incident".

"As such, TCP Group would like to clarify that Vorayuth has never assumed any role in the management and daily operations of TCP Group, was never a shareholder, nor has he held any executive position within TCP Group."

The statement said that the current confirmed shareholders and board members of TCP Group are: Pavana Langthara, Suthirat Yoovidhya, Jiravat Yoovidhya, Pranadda Yoovidhya, Supreeya Yoovidhya, Saravoot Yoovidhya and Nucharee Yoovidhya.

The statement reiterated that the company’s executives, shareholders and employees were not involved in any aspect of Vorayuth's case and it was his personal affair.

The name of the Red Bull scion, who had been absconding since the alleged crime, came into the spotlight again last Friday when the public learnt that the Office of the Attorney-General had decided to drop all charges against Vorayuth in a 2012 hit-and-run case.

Vorayuth allegedly crashed his Ferrari into a policeman riding on a motorbike in Bangkok’s Thonglor area.

Deputy National Police spokesman, Pol Colonel Kissana Phathanacharoen, insisted on Friday (July 24) that there were no double standards in the case of Vorayuth.

Vorayuth is the grandson of late Chaleo Yoovidhya, the founder of TCP Group, maker of Red Bull energy drink.