‘Commander pressured forensics team to reduce Boss speed estimate’


The independent inquiry into the case against Vorayuth "Boss" Yoovidhya is focusing on a police forensic scientist’s claim that he was pressured to reduce the estimated speed of Vorayuth’s Ferrari when it hit and killed a policeman in 2012.

Pol Col Thanasit Taengchan of the Police Forensic Science Office said a high-ranking commander had brought Saiprasit Kerdniyom from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology North Bangkok to convince him to lower the speed from 177 kilometres per hour to 79.22kph – just under the speed limit.
Meanwhile, a group of police forensic scientists have sent a letter to the media saying that Thanasit and other forensic team members who are accused of changing the evidence, were forced to do so by the commander.
The letter alleged the commander was a retired official in the post-coup National Legislative Assembly’s committee on law, justice and police affairs.
Thanasit later said he knew nothing about the letter and would give no comment.
Sira Jenjaka, chairman of the House committee on law, justice and human rights, said Thanasit’s testimony that the commander merely brought Saiprasit to talk to him contradicted his claim that he was pressured into changing the speed estimate.

Sira reportedly said Thanasit had earlier told him privately that he would reveal the name of the commander in his testimony to the House committee, but he failed to do so.
Sira implied Thanasit may feel intimidated by someone behind the case, adding that he should tell the truth for his own safety as he will be protected.