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Drunk driver hits 3 cars in Pattaya, fails bid to drive into the sea

An inebriated woman banged her car against three other cars in Chonburi on Tuesday (August 25) and then tried to drive into the sea only to be stopped by the footpath.

Muang Pattaya Police Station was notified of the incident at about 12.30am and showed up to find three cars damaged.

Motorist Sathaphon Khodmee, 29, said he had been awaiting at the traffic lights when he saw the car crash into other cars.

Bystanders told police that the driver tried to drive off but was chased by another car. In a move to lose the car behind her, the driver then headed towards the sea but eventually came to a stop when she hit the promenade.

Police pulled Kornkamon Namnai, 28, out of the car and learned that she worked at a hotel in Pattaya’s Na Jomtien neighbourhood.

Police reported that the woman was incoherent, but showed no signs of injury. She will be charged with negligent driving as alcohol content in her body stood at 252 milligrams per cent.

Published : August 25, 2020

By : The Nation