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Ride to school becomes a nightmare for students

A pick-up truck packed with more than 20 students from Ubon Ratchathani’s Khemmarat Technical College flipped over on Wednesday (September 16) after it swerved to avoid a dog.

The accident injured many of the passengers, including three seriously.

Police arrived at around 9am to find the car and passengers lying on the side of the road. Three passengers with serious injuries were immediately sent to a local hospital, while rescue staff tended to those with minor injuries. Ride to school becomes a nightmare for students

Parents later showed up to pick up their children, who were in a state of shock.

Driver Paiboon Manniew, 61, said he was trying to overtake another car but had to suddenly swerve when a dog jumped in front. That’s when he lost control and the car flipped over.

Though police found no traces of alcohol in Paiboon’s blood, he has still been charged with negligent driving resulting in the injury of others.

Published : September 16, 2020

By : The Natopm